Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013


➤On saturday the 29th Nov. my darling Anh took me to Live Networking for Fashion & Art 2.0- short LNFA at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. As the name already tells, the LNFA is an event where fashion, art and music is combined and lots of interesting people such as designer, artist, blogger, press, hair and make up artists, investors and many many other people get the chance to meet up and exchange or creat new ideas and businessplans or simply promote there own business and expend there networks. And I can already tell that the idea of LNFA is working really well and I met some interesting people and contacts myself !
➤So this night young design talents like Ivanmann (who is an alumini of ESMOD!ッ ), JULIAANDBEN, Twisted Talents, Dandie Zimmermann, Isabel Stasinski, Appollo Krieg, Perlensäue and  Marina Ballerina showed off their impressive talent and interesting designs.
➤Next to the runway where a few little presentations of different labels. On of them was the lifestyle- brand WOO (World od Opportunities) where luxury and sustainability is combined in one candel. Those WOO candels are made out of recycled glas and beeswax, created in WOO's own specialized workshops in Indochina. WOO's sustainable concept of trash transformed into luxury plays a big part why I liked those candels so much besides the nice clean design. But WOO also promises excellent aromatic fragrances which I can only approve! M. Van Den Boograad of WOO was so lovely and gave me a little cute WOO bag with tealights and since I tried them I just want more of them! Thanks to WOO for the little gift !
And if you guys still need some nice little presents for your mother, friends or college why don't you have a look at their homepage and find out what candels they have and where to buy them: WOO' Webshop
➤Between the shows one were able to get a new hair cut by Persona Non Grata, some others got their nails done by THE SHIT NAILS and some others we busy with networking and yummy snacks.
➤That is also how I got to know EAGLES&UNICORNS... and found out that the people behind it are actually two students from my uni, Kristian Barella Greve and Lia V. who are just in the second year!
Their love for vintage fashion brought them the idea to creat an opportunity to purchase vintage fashion online and besides this great idea they also planing events where the fees are not in form of money but of vintage clothes. I just can say that I love their concept and can't wait for them to make all of them happening !
  ➤So all together I have to say that I enjoyed the night of LNFA and their concept of Live Networking a lot. I am already looking forward to the next event and hope that next time you guys will be a part of it too !

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

✛ Monochrome Brutalism ✛

➤Last week's project was about monochrome brutalism. Everything dark and black. Which by the way explains the BlACKinBLACK outfit of my last post.ツ  This time we chose two muses a man and a woman and had to design a blouse with deformation on the sleeves. 
Since my concert visit of the duo HURTS is just a few weeks ago I chose Theo Hutchcraft as my male Muse and the topmodel Bianca Balti, together they demonstrate a couple cought between desire and religion: modernism and nostalgic. ( Well at least they do so in my moodboard ツ ).

Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

Outfit: Zip, Zipper, Zip

It's getting cold and colder so it was time to get myself a new winter coat and since I am still in the mood of our last project (I will post about it as soon as I get my portfolio back ツ )  I chose a black winter jacket... So i can already tell you what our last project was about... black, BlAcK,BLACK! 
Thanks to my lovely Anh from tha.Darlinh for taking the photos again :)

➤ Winter coat - H&M
➤ Top - Shana
➤ Jacket - Clockhouse
➤ Leather pants - H&M
➤ Bag - OVS
➤ Shoes - Streets

©olors, woolly wool n nikes

➤New week, new project. Our 4th project was dedicated to the German artist Kirsten Klöckner who's exhibition we visited in the first week of Esmod. So our moodboard was based on the spirit of Kirsten Klöckners art, included the prints into the outfits and put the design also on a sneaker. And there we go ! :)

Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

HTW Bachelor Exams

 ➤ Few weeks ago I was asked by a friend to help out as a model at the Fashion Design Bachelor Exams of the University HTW Berlin. I said YES with no hesitation and evenenthough I barely knew anyone it turned out to be much fun and interesting. Everyone was amazingly nice and I got a good opportunity to have a look how Bachelor Exam in Fashion Design are proceeded ...(I mean in about 3 years I will be in the same position doing my Bachelor Exame :o ) So all togther it was really worth it and I really enjoyed modeling as well as the amazing clothes I was able to wear ! Thanks to Buki for having me as one of her models ;)
➤ All clothes, styling and photos by Buki

Samstag, 16. November 2013

☽ Streetlights ☾

➤Walking through the streets of Berlin, catching the light and peace of the night in the lens of my camera!