Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Monsters'n Magic


Gosh, HALLOWEEN NIGHT...I just love Halloween and dressing up. So sad that it is already over. But while I am waiting for next years' Halloween to come, enjoy some of my Halloween party pic's :

On friday I dressed up as a blood loving vamp and went out with my best friend my little kittycat Sarah and my new friend from Esmod the hot zombie Jil. We joined the biggest Halloween Party in Berlin at Kulturbrauerei - many amazing costums and lots of fun. Unfortunately at one point it was just too much people around, but at least everyone wore pretty scary outfits ;)

➤ Halloween in der Kulturbrauerei :
➤ Top: Shana
➤ Skirt : H&M
➤ Shoes: H&M
➤ Clutch: Flea Market
➤ Lipstick: Rival de Loop No.18
➤ Nailpolish: American Apparell, Port No.42010
➤ Halloween Blood: Bastelladen Wedding
➤ Rings: H&M 

Then on saturday night I went on celebrating Halloween with Anh ( and Wen (both also new friends from Esmod)at SXX SELLS, a Halloween party hostet by blogger & DJ's: Laura, Dustin, Maurizio, Jan, Bastian, Marc, Candida Herbst & Matthias Pieters.
Here the theme was based on the American Halloween Style inspired by the movie Mean Girls. So I dressed up as an angel and were surrounded by cheerleaders, policemen, bunnies, imprisoned stripper and lots of other hotties.
SXX SELLS #4 The Mean Girls Edition: 

➤Shirt: Flea Market
➤ Skirt: Pimkie
➤Necklace: Gift from Australian Hosting-mother
➤ Angel wings: Claires
➤ Lipstick: Rival de Loop No.24
➤ Dip Dye Hair: Color Bug by Kevin Murphy

- Photos by Wen, Cherokee & myself