Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Angela&Roi Handbags

➤Have you heard of  ANGELA&ROI  yet ?
If not it is time to introduce you to the faboulous handbag brand.

The brand's name is actually dedicated to the two owner Angela Lee, Chief Fashion Officer and Roi, Chief Executive Officer of the company. Together they created Angela&Roi handbags, a company founded on strong moral principles. The designs are a great mix of vintage with a modern touch - making it easy to adore those bags.

➤But what is special besides the great design ?
The handbags are made only of vegan leather - means no animal has to die to make us able to wear a nice handbag. In fact the vegan leather is composed of a synthetic fiber.
Want to read more about it ? Here : CRAFTMANSHIP
➤But not only this fact makes the Angela&Roi handbag so special.
The prices are competitive and make it able to afford a designer handbag along great quality and design.

But the best point of the whole concept is that with each handybag ANGELA& ROI sell, they donate $5 to a medical non-profit organization. The "Donate by color"system refers to the colors of the handbag. For example if you buy a pink Angela&Roi handbag you donate $5 to a breast cancer organization. And with every purchase you get a ribbon matching the color of the bag to add it and show it to everyone.
If you want to know more about it, look at the list here : DONATE BY COLOR

➤When I first had a look at Angela&Roi handbags I immediately fall in love with the handbag itself but later when I actually got to know the brand it just made me feel so positive and impressive of the brand. Showing they are not only selfish profiting from their brand but also think about sustainability and help non-profit organizations who need support especially from people in the big business.
So me wanting a Angela&Roi handbag makes me actually feel good. In a way I am not only getting myself something but also give something two others and I can imagine you feel the same !;) And just I hope more and more people will receive the awareness of how good the concept of the Angela&Roi brand is and should try to think in the same way.

So next time you want an exclusive bag, maybe think back of Angela&Roi handbags ;)

Want to know more about the brand Angela&Roi ? Visit here : HOMEPAGE   ////   FACEBOOK
all photos used in this post are by Angela&Roi


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