Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

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➤Getting ready for winter time....and so I went shopping with my dear grandma after we had a little catch up in a cafe. I really wanted a (fake)fur vest for a long time but actually never had the time to buy one for myself. So my grandma took the occation to finally get me a vest ....besides some new shoes for the rainy hours and a pullover for the cold days which are yet to come. So body and feet seem to be covered but what about the poor hands ? Well, just one the same day my dad's girlfriend got me a little present as well...some nice wrist warmers. I guess the first little winter shopping is accomplished ! (:
➤ Fake fur vest - H&M
➤ Pullover - Clockhouse
➤ Wrist warmers - Timezone
➤ Shoes - Lavorazione Artigiana

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